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The Pure Waste sweatshirt has a classic straight design and a perfect longer dimension. The material is a knitted brush that is soft on the inside and feels luxuriously soft. There are elasticated neckline, sleeves and hem.

The model, which is suitable for both men and women, is made with men's dimensions, so for women we recommend a smaller size than normal.

Cotton cultivation has a significant impact on the environment. Producing one kilogram of cotton requires 9,000 to 21,000 liters of clean irrigation water, depending on the location. Instead of virgin cotton, the classic Pure Waste sweatshirt is made from recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles.

The production of a sweatshirt made of recycled materials uses 99% less water and its production produces 50% less carbon emissions compared to a similar product made of virgin materials.

The sweatshirt is responsibly manufactured at the Pure Waste plant in India.



For the first time, I bought a new acquaintance for training, the domestic Zeropoint, Performance Tights and compression socks of the same brand (medium compression).
I do sedentary work and my legs swell easily so I wear socks every day. Training pants are always worn when running (also tested in yoga. Works!). Pieces, neither dripping nor shining through. I recommend! And definitely a plus for domesticity!

Leena V.
Espoo, Finland

I own several Leggings from Girlfriend Collective. Get hooked on these!
Wonderfully soft, high waist and suitable for both sports and leisure. The size is a bit bigger, so I recommend choosing the smaller of the two sizes. According to the size chart, the right size for me would have been XL, but I ended up with L size.
Luckily, because it was just the right piece.

Viivi K.
Helsinki, Finland