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Sarwa's most popular bolster model, the linen bolster, is a high-quality and domestic bolster for yoga, body care and floor cushion. The bolster is a good support in many yoga postures and stretches, especially chest openings, back turns and side stretches. It is also suitable as a support for a better sleeping position, especially for pregnant women and those with back pain. Useful for everyone - not just yogis!

Product information

Length: 63 cm (the length of the cover as newer is fairer but it shrinks just to fit in the first wash!)

Circumference: 70 cm

Diameter: 23 cm

Weight: about 4 kg

Stitched in Finland

Care instructions Washing the cover:

In the washing machine at 40 degrees, no tumble drying. Use a small amount of fabric softener, three-point ironing. For best washing results, soak the laundry in the washing machine to its wetness before putting it in the washing machine. This dispenses more water into the machine and reduces the wash wrinkles typical of linen! The use of fabric softener softens the fabric and reduces its absorbency. Without fabric softener and pre-wetting, the fabric remains hard and wrinkled after drying but softens slightly when used. The inner cushion is difficult to wash, but the filling can be replaced with a new one or a completely new inner cushion can be purchased.

The new bolsters are filled too full. If you like a flatter bolster, you can easily reduce the running buckwheat filling from the zippered inner pillow. If the pillow has been depressed too much over the years, you can order additional filling from us.

Organic linen Cool in summer and warm in winter feels natural on the skin. Linen fabric wrinkles in use but does so in style. The fabric is wonderfully soft and wrinkles can be avoided with the right washing technique. Linen fiber is a woody long fiber that means the fabric does not collect dust and stays cleaner in use. Linen is also an ecological material by nature. Compared to growing cotton, flax does not need as much water or fertilizer to grow.

Adaptive buckwheat chicken is a natural stuffing material We use buckwheat chicken from organic farming, ie buckwheat husk, as a filler for pillow products. The filling is an environmentally friendly material, as it is created as a by-product of buckwheat cultivation. Without recovery, the shaft would be incinerated as waste. The buckwheat grain is roasted and separated from the shell only after roasting, so the chaff is also heat-treated. Buckwheat is breathable and does not collect mold spores. Buckwheat is grown and roasted in Lithuania. Stuffed buckwheat chicken is perfect. It is malleable, heavy and sturdy and, in our experience, the absolute number one bolster stuffing material. The filling can be shaped to fit the position into an oval, oblique or cup-shaped shape and is always sturdy all the way to the edges. An alternative filling to buckwheat is kapok wood fiber. It is light and hygienic and easy to move due to its light weight.

The weight of the kapok bolster is 2 kg. The kapok fiber filling does not form and collapses slightly in use.



For the first time, I bought a new acquaintance for training, the domestic Zeropoint, Performance Tights and compression socks of the same brand (medium compression).
I do sedentary work and my legs swell easily so I wear socks every day. Training pants are always worn when running (also tested in yoga. Works!). Pieces, neither dripping nor shining through. I recommend! And definitely a plus for domesticity!

Leena V.
Espoo, Finland

I own several Leggings from Girlfriend Collective. Get hooked on these!
Wonderfully soft, high waist and suitable for both sports and leisure. The size is a bit bigger, so I recommend choosing the smaller of the two sizes. According to the size chart, the right size for me would have been XL, but I ended up with L size.
Luckily, because it was just the right piece.

Viivi K.
Helsinki, Finland