Myssyfarmi X The Happier Muffi Beanie

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Keep your thoughts warm. Myssyfarmi Muffi beanie in special color!

Myssyfarmi's Muffi beanie has been nicknamed the "incubator", although 100% Finnish sheep's wool is not an incubator - it breathes and warms. The heat extends from head to toe when you know that Muffi is gently knitted in the hands of a grandma at the table. You can't warm up your thoughts in this more stylish way!

Myssyfarmi X The Happier Muffi beanie now in special color only in The Happier online store <3



For the first time, I bought a new acquaintance for training, the domestic Zeropoint, Performance Tights and compression socks of the same brand (medium compression).
I do sedentary work and my legs swell easily so I wear socks every day. Training pants are always worn when running (also tested in yoga. Works!). Pieces, neither dripping nor shining through. I recommend! And definitely a plus for domesticity!

Leena V.
Espoo, Finland

I own several Leggings from Girlfriend Collective. Get hooked on these!
Wonderfully soft, high waist and suitable for both sports and leisure. The size is a bit bigger, so I recommend choosing the smaller of the two sizes. According to the size chart, the right size for me would have been XL, but I ended up with L size.
Luckily, because it was just the right piece.

Viivi K.
Helsinki, Finland

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