Our story


Sometimes frustration is the best inspiration, and that inspration could lead to crerating an online shop.

The Happier was born right after three friends seized the opportunity to make the planet a better place to live. These women had tried to do everything right, both in  their personal as well as working life.

Attempts had been made to save the planet from consumption choices at a time. There had been too many loyal employees, good mothers, helpful friends. Was anxious when the world didn’t come to an end. 

Had also ended up on a nerve break, each in his own turn 😬 

Long walks, WhatsApp threads, and a cup of tea (admittedly, sometimes there was prosecco in the glass) came to weigh our own doing and its significance. What's wrong with the world and time - or is it our fault? What should change?

Could saving the earth - perhaps in itself - perhaps be more relaxed? Could other people be inspired to take steps in the right direction? Could you make a living from things that matter to you?

We decided to list our passions and see if there was anything at their crossroads to move forward together. You can find it there, even as a business idea.

  • Each of us liked training.
  • Each of us appreciated stylish, high quality clothing.
  • Each of us felt concerned about the environment.

Conclusion: We would set up an online store selling delicious looking and high quality wefts. They would be sourced from brands found to be so responsible that any purchase from our store would reduce the load the fast fashion puts on the ball.

And what else had we hoped for in online shopping?

  • Decent availability. (The most interesting clothes and suitable sizes from our store would NOT ALWAYS be out of stock.)
  • It is not necessary to find out the responsibility for each garment yourself. (We would ensure the responsibility of each brand on behalf of the customer.)
  • Not every store would always have the same clothes from the same brands. (We would look for snacks from small, rising signs, ones that don't come across every jog.)

All of these ideas were mixed into a dough from which we shaped The Happier - the online store for responsible workout fashion. 


And the end result, did the deal become what we dreamed of? You, our customer, know it best. At least you found it here, and that’s a big deal for us already. Nice to have you <3


Please tell me if we can do something better?