Sarwa Yoga Cork Ball

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Cork ball for massage and body care.

The warm and pleasant-feeling cork ball is also well suited for handling trigger points.

Product information Size: 6.00 cm or 7.50 cm

Material: 100% cork Made for Sarwa Yoga in Portugal Organic cork Cork oak (Quercus Suber) grows wild in southwestern Europe and northwestern Africa. It is widely grown in the Mediterranean, with Portugal being the largest producer of cork. A thick layer of cork is formed in the bark of cork oak, which is collected every 9-12 years from the same wood. Cork collection is only performed on trees at least 25 years old. Cork collection is done without machines and does not damage the wood, but a new layer of cork grows in its place. Cork oak lives to be 150-250 years old.



For the first time, I bought a new acquaintance for training, the domestic Zeropoint, Performance Tights and compression socks of the same brand (medium compression).
I do sedentary work and my legs swell easily so I wear socks every day. Training pants are always worn when running (also tested in yoga. Works!). Pieces, neither dripping nor shining through. I recommend! And definitely a plus for domesticity!

Leena V.
Espoo, Finland

I own several Leggings from Girlfriend Collective. Get hooked on these!
Wonderfully soft, high waist and suitable for both sports and leisure. The size is a bit bigger, so I recommend choosing the smaller of the two sizes. According to the size chart, the right size for me would have been XL, but I ended up with L size.
Luckily, because it was just the right piece.

Viivi K.
Helsinki, Finland

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